Update on my life.

So I started back at Uni a few weeks ago. I’m really excited for this year because we have full creativity over our projects. Obviously we have to be able to justify why we chose to make the pieces we made, what they mean, etc, etc, but still it’s pretty exciting to not have to make a bunch of films I really don’t want to make.

But I have three of my four projects pretty much down now.

1. My first idea is to create this short film called ‘Limbo’. I got the influence from a short book called ‘Sum’ by an astrophysicist called David Eagleman (if you haven’t heard of it read it because it’s awesome). The book gives fourty made up ideas of what the afterlife may be.

My film’s basically going to be a few minutes of a guy sitting in a room, reading books, reading through his old diaries and watching 8mm footage of old home movies, but I’m going to make in Japanese (because I want to ‘pay homage’ to a bunch of Japanese New-Wave films) it’s going to have really basic scenery (to ‘pay homage’ to Italian Neo-realist films) and be shot in B&W and massively over exposed (to ‘pay homage’ to Pi by Darren Aronofsky, I’m pretty excited to make it.

Here’s a couple of pages from my notebook.

2. My second Idea is to create an art installation on the ex Mayhem front man Dead. I’ve basically found this un-copyrighted footage of him wandering about in a field before a Mayhem practice and want to use glitch art to reflect his destructive nature, and the way in which he viewed life.

I’m going to record two or three seconds of footage of Dead being increasingly more glitched, reflecting the destruction of him through the destruction of the footage, played through VHS tapes (relating to the 1990s era), on six TV screens in the shape of an inverted cross (to reference Black Metal).

So expect to see a six hour art installation with six TVs in the shape of an inverted cross each showing weird glitched footage like this.

Here’s a page from my notebook again.

3. My third idea isn’t as sorted as the other two but I want to make a short projected art piece that basically films something in super slow motion then plays it back. (see the art work of the like of Yoko Ono and Mieko Shiomi). So I thought what would look cool slowed right down, smoke, so I think I’m going to record someone smoking really really slowly, but like I said this idea isn’t as concrete as the other two.

Here’s a page from my notebook again.

So I have like one more idea left to do now, then of course my dissertation ‘A Marxist analysis of six of the nouvelle vague films of Jean Luc Godard’, and then I’m done with Uni, and get to join the scrapheap not using any of the stuff I’ve learnt in the last three years. Oh Well.

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