Portrayal of Women in Godard’s films

'The left cannot have its whores and its politics too23

       In comparison to the crass images of the world Godard paints with his films, his hatred of consumerism, of materialism, of greed, corruption, and racism, he manages to entirely escape any attack on the patriarchy that is created by the economic system he hates so much. If the viewer were to take a Marxist feminist outlook on Godard’s films they would see, women objectified, stereotyped, humiliated, and all for no good reason. While Godard tackles issues like apathy towards politics, and blames them solely on the consumerism and the thirst to buy, he seems to bypass entirely female emancipation, allowing his female characters to become like soundboards, providing the questions that allow the male characters to spout off philosophical one liners.

Ripping into Godard at 2am.

This is my current read.
It’s the fourth book by Andrea Dworkin that I’ve read, and I think, as a male supporter of feminism, I think anything by Dworkin is great place to start with the movement.
As the quote on the cover states ‘Any man who chooses to ignore what Dworkin has to say is refusing the possibility of a dramatically better world’  Michael Moorcock.
The first of her books that I read was Pornography: Men Possessing Women, obviously as the title seems to give away, it is a feminist critique of pornography, and the way it is viewed in society. As a male ‘feminist’ (I try not to refer to myself as a feminist as I’m not a woman, I tend to say ‘supporter of the female rights movement’) I had, for quite a while prior to reading Pornography by Dworkin chosen to no longer watch it. however this book is without a doubt (besides probably the first time I read the communist manifesto aged 16) the most influential, life changing book I’ve had the fortune of reading. The key thing with Dworkin is that she takes examples that are well known, well looked into, and she explains them graphically (which can make them very difficult to get through) and then picks them apart bit by bit. This is very clear in Pornography and the graphic descriptions alone open your eyes to what it actually is you’re viewing (in your magazine, on your video player, and more recently on your laptop screen).
The second of her books that I read was Right Wing Women which is an amazing critique on conservative women’s movements. It really delves into female pro-life supporters, and the part I found most fascinating the horrific story behind the curtain of ‘free love’.
I have also read Dworkin’s first novel, Ice and Fire, it is probably the second most soul crushing book I’ve forced myself to read (the first being The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski) however, I strongly advise anyone to read it.
I have genuinely no idea why I posted all this, it’s probably because Andrea Dworkin is the most influential figure in my life, her particular stand point in the anti-porn movement, along with her writings on sex, gender, sexuality, and countless other social movements has greatly shaped my current views.
So yeah basically what I’m saying is, by a fucking Dworkin book!
It is pure SHIT! “noise art” there is nothing artistic about it. People farting is more of an art! Also cut it with all the feminism crap!

Ok ‘Ali’ have fun listening to Korn.

As a side note to anyone seeing this post.

I understand noise music is not everyone’s cup of tea, and truth be told I listened to Korn and System of a Down when I was about 14.

But to tell someone to drop this ‘feminism crap’. Very insightful.

Last night I spent ages reading through the ‘Uni Lad’ website, I’m fully aware it’s all ‘just a joke…’, but fucking hell, you have to be a wanker to even find it humorous. Why do I force myself to read/watch stuff that makes me so angry?

Anonymous said: How is Front mag sexist?

The short answer is that it objectifies women.
However it boils down to the individuals reading of how feminism ought to work.
Personally my own viewpoint is that pornography trivialises, promotes, and often actively glorifies violence against women (men, trans, animals etc.) However, as a male, a white male at that, I wouldn’t openly argue with a female who thinks that pornography is not necessarily such a bad thing. I’m just voicing my own thoughts, though as a male ‘feminist’ it is very difficult to actually voice your own opinions, because we have no understanding of what it is like to be a woman, which is why I like to keep an open mind about these kind of things. I am pro sexual freedom, I am pro choice, I am pro female emancipation, but I am not pro pornography.
And to come back to why I feel Front magazine is sexist; it’s because I view it as yet another ‘lad mag’, in the vain of ‘Nuts’, ‘FHM’, ‘Zoo’ etc. I don’t think these magazines by any means empower people, I think they neatly place people in their gender roles, allowing people to view people as objects, not as individuals. Sexuality is lucid, and in my views, ought not be forced at people saying, ‘look at her tits…’ etc.
That in mind, I have spoken to some women who say that it’s empowering, which is fair play to them.
But this is just my opinion, which coming from a place of great privilege really shouldn’t be held very highly.

Sorry I’m not used to getting anon messages so I really don’t like publishing questions, but I though I’d give you an answer seen as your question wasn’t rude or anything.

Edit: This article is pretty interesting.